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Now that we've given the con announcement a day to settle, here's a snapshot of where con planning is so far:

Update #1: Where and when, staff list, accessibility, and programming! )

That's it for our first con update! We'll be putting out more updates like these periodically as con planning progresses; if you want to follow along, you can subscribe to our mailing list or Dreamwidth, or follow us on twitter or tumblr.
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FanWorks is a new con that will begin in 2019. It will be dedicated to various forms of fannish craft, including (but not limited to) fanfic, fanvids, fanart, and podfic, and is under development by Trelkez, sweetestdrain, and AbsoluteDestiny.

There will be individual programming tracks for fanfic & podfic, fanvids, and fanart. Panel programming will focus on craft, and will be a mix of technical panels/presentations (how to achieve a video effect, how write a certain kind of scene, how to make certain kinds of cosplay outfits, all the various things we love to make and do) and topical discussion panels related to different fan crafts. The fanvid programming track will have both panels and vidshows, including a show of premiering vids. All vidshows will be available to stream online (with viewer-optional subtitles) for attending and supporting members.

Planned features of the con include:

-- the FanWorks Night Market, an evening event with artist vendor tables, food and drinks
-- a vid dance party
-- a con zine
-- an on-site art gallery
-- a quiet room with a zine library and podfic available for checkout

We're excited to be starting a new project and we have many, many ideas for it based on our experiences as both con attendees and con staff, but we also want to take the time to plan carefully and thoughtfully. We want to build an accessible con that will be fun for everyone.

To that end, we'll be soliciting a lot of feedback over the coming year as we lay the groundwork. If you're a writer, artist, vidder, podficcer, cosplayer, filker, knitter; if you make gifs or do fannish infrastructure or beta read; if you just want to come to a con that celebrates fanworks in all forms – we want to know what kinds of things you want in a con.

You can subscribe to our mailing list for updates, follow us on social media, email us, or fill out our feedback form here:

If you are interested in joining the staff of FanWorks, please email me at and let me know! No prior con organizing experience is required (though it definitely helps); any kind of fan background is welcome if you have the time to commit and are interested in contributing. Diverse perspectives are particularly welcome.

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