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Throughout the con weekend, there will be a room dedicated to showing vidshows (curated playlists of vids) on a large screen. Vidshows will also be available to stream online for both attending and supporting members at any time during or after the con.

In order to show vidshows, the con needs... vidshows! Each vidshow will run the length of one panel (45 minutes, or slightly under) and will be centered on a specific theme/topic submitted by the VJ (curator). Vidshows typically feature multiple vidders and fandoms. Examples of themed vidshows that have been created in the past for other cons can be found in the VividCon and VidUKon archives.

Vidshow ideas can be submitted through this form, which will remain open between now and Sunday, April 7th. Anyone is allowed to submit up to three ideas, but attending members will have priority for vidshows shown at the con. At this time, only a brief summary of the vidshow and a few examples of vids that might be included are being asked for, in order to get an idea of what each vidshow will look like. Once vidshows are selected, VJs will have time to fully curate their full-length shows.

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Panel nominations can now be submitted through this form! You do not have to want to mod a panel in order to nominate it (though volunteering to do so is encouraged). For more information about what panels involve, and to see what ideas others came up with during the brainstorming period, please see our main brainstorming post as well as the individual track posts for Arts & Crafting, Audio, Community, Video, and Writing.

Panel nominations will remain open until Saturday, March 30th at 11:59PM Pacific Time. Panels will be chosen for the final schedule through attendee voting starting April 7th. Only registered attendees will be allowed to vote, so please make sure to register for the con by then!

Additional Programming items to keep an eye on:
  • The interest survey for Fic Book Club will remain open for an additional week, until Sunday, March 24th at 11:59PM Pacific Time.
  • Suggestions for fic to read/discuss for Fic Book Club will remain open until Sunday, April 14th at 11:59PM Pacific Time.
  • Vidshow submissions will open soon! More information will be shared next weekend.

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Hi all,

It's time to start thinking about fic to discuss at Fic Book Club!

Fic Book Club is a group of five round table discussions on Sunday morning, featuring select fic from various fandoms focusing on different genres/tropes. Each fic will be discussed in a separate panel room, allowing a full 45 minute discussion for each chosen work.

Self recs are very highly encouraged! Authors will be contacted and asked for permission if their fic is selected. Selections will be announced several months before the con to leave plenty of time for reading.

If you are planning to attend the con, please fill out this short survey about what you're most interested in reading and discussing. Your pseudonym is only asked for to make sure people only fill out the survey once - your name and choices will NOT be made public. This survey will close next Sunday, March 17th at 11:59PM PT.

If you have suggestions for Fic Book Club, please submit them through this form. This suggestion form will remain open until Sunday, April 14th at 11:59PM PT.

Lastly, panel brainstorming opened up last week! Please join the discussion if you have any thoughts. Official panel nominations will begin next Sunday, March 17th.

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Hi, all! It’s time to start thinking about what we would like to discuss, learn about, and enthuse over in this year’s FanWorks panels! Panel brainstorming is a great way to get inspiration for panel topics and bounce ideas off one another. (It’s also a good time to find co-mods for panels you’re interested in leading, or to get mods to take on panel ideas you have but don’t want to lead yourself!)

Two commons types of panels are group discussions and presentations:

  • A discussion panel is driven by audience participation. The moderators act mostly as discussion leaders, working to keep the discussion focused and ensure that a variety of voices are heard.
  • An instruction or presentation panel is largely or entirely focused on moderator presentation, with moderators leading the panel audience through specific techniques, aesthetics, platforms, software, and so on. These panels may include some audience discussion, if time allows.

If you have an idea for a panel in a different format, that’s fine! Ideas for panels that could fit into multiple tracks (i.e., a panel about fic trailers, including content relevant to both the Writing and Video tracks) are also fine.

The standard panel length is 45 minutes; panels start on the hour with fifteen minute (or longer) breaks in-between. If you have ideas for panels that might work better as two hour panels, feel free to toss them in! Sometimes scheduling allows for longer panel sessions, and these can be great for digging into discussions or material at greater length. (Due to time constraints, these types of panels are likely to be limited.)

Panel topics can range from introductory to advanced. If you want to brainstorm ideas for panels to introduce people to your favorite kind of fanwork, you can! If you’re interested in brainstorming ideas for panels on specific techniques or more in depth topics, you can do that too.

Panel nominations open on March 17th and run until March 31st. Until then, brainstorm away in the posts below!

Arts & Crafting

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We're having a dance party and we'd love to show your vids! Sign-ups are now open for vidders who wish to make premiering vids for the Sparkle Motion dance party at this year's FanWorks convention.

Sign-ups allow us to make sure we don't have two vids to the same song and also allow us to check the song to see if it's danceable. It's not likely that we'll reject your song choice but it's best to know now that we don't think it will work on the dancefloor than to find out after you made the vid.

The deadline for submitting Sparkle Motion vids is:

Sunday, June 2nd at midnight EST!!

Vid submissions will open in April but you should start making your vids now because time flies and also you could make more!

Song Approval

All Sparkle Motion premieres must have their song approved before being submitted - either for appropriateness for the dance party or to see if anyone else wanted the same song. Song choice is on a first come first served basis.

Remember, we also have a pre-approved song list this year so if you want to choose something from that you can. You still need to sign up with the form so that you can claim your song.

You can listen to this year's playlist here:

Spotify Playlist


Youtube Playlist (auto-generated)


To sign up for a song please fill out this google form. You can submit multiple requests but please let me know if a song isn't working out so I can let another vidder take it.


Only new vids will be accepted for premieres, of course, but closer to the event we will have a suggestions page for people to recommend older vids for us to show at the party.

What is Sparkle Motion anyway?

It's the best party of the year, that's what. Those of you who attended Vividcon or TGIF/F will be familiar with the idea, it's a kinda like Club Vivid or Club Femslash. The idea is pretty simple - people make vids to danceable music and we dance to these vids and a bunch of fan favourites at the con and it's awesome fun. It's a VJ'd show and we set aside around 2 and 1/3 hours of vid time to brand new vids by vidders.

As vids are edited together into a continuous dance mix, the start and end of your vid may be edited together with another vid. For premiering vids, I try and remove as little as possible but it depends a lot on the vid and the other vids in the show. However, we will have a re-watch show (with an online stream) that will show your vid in its full form so please submit the vid as you would have it released to the world.

Anyone can submit up to 2 vids (or 3 with collaboration) to be shown and they will be selected according to the following priorities:

  1. attending vidders first choice vid (or VJ choice if no preference)
  2. a small selection of the VJ's preferred not-yet-chosen premiering vids, as required for balance of music or fandoms.
  3. digital members first choice vid (if not already chosen)
  4. non-member 1st choice submissions
  5. attending members 2nd choice followed by digital-only, then non-member etc until all vids are chosen or there's no time left.
  6. We often get song requests that are harder to dance to but still fun and we sometimes, should they be hard to position in the show, give the vidder the option of moving their vid to another show which can often be a better venue for some vids. Vidders will be contacted ahead of time and asked if they are ok doing that. Your vid, your choice.

My general advice for Sparkle Motion vids is:

  • 3 to 5 minute vids are the sweet spot for the dance floor. Vids or edits less than 2 minutes can feel like a tease but we can work with it if we have to.
  • Long beatless breaks in songs and slow build openings can be accommodated but they make placing the vid in the mix much much harder as they can break up the flow.
  • Please please please find a good quality source for your audio as it will really help people enjoy the vid more. If you need help with this, please ask.
  • People like to dance to songs they know but if the beat is good and the vid is to a fandom or fandoms people like then that song new might become their favorite.
  • Any footage is good footage for Sparkle Motion.
  • Slow dance is going to be a tough sell on the dance floor and while country music is very danceable there aren't a lot of danceable country music vids so the transition could be quite abrupt. Just something to keep in mind.
  • Feel free to add credits after the music but note that they may be edited out when mixed for the live show.
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Registration for FanWorks 2019 is now open! If you love fan creations of any kind, please join us in Metro Detroit from August 15th - 18th. It's going to be a fantastic weekend filled with panels, dancing, wizard rock, vidshows, cosplay, fic reading, all kinds of fanworks, and your fellow fans! 
The full con website is now live, including registration, hotel reservations, pricing, programming and event information, a sample schedule, and information on how to submit vids, fic, art, and more to the con zine and vidshows. 
If you have any questions, please contact us via our online form.
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FanWorks registration opens this Saturday! Registration should open at or shortly after 5pm EST; delays aren't anticipated but may happen, so please be patient if the updated website isn't available right at the stroke of five.

Our full website update including registration pricing, a sample schedule, and evening events will also launch at that time!
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First, the big announcement:

Registration for FanWorks (Aug. 15-18) will open on Saturday, February 23!

More registration details and a preliminary con schedule will be posted next week!

Secondly, we're at work on some behind-the-scenes details right now, and in the coming weeks, we'll be rolling out a major website update containing our accessibility policy, programming outline, submission guidelines, and more. We'll keep you updated!

Thanks so much, and we're looking forward to showing you what we've been up to!
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The first annual FanWorks convention will be held August 15 - 18, 2019 at the Sheraton Detroit Metro Airport in Romulus, MI.

Our shiny con website is now live - check it out for info on the location, con programming, events, and more: https://fanworkscon.com/


Hi there! We've been quiet for a while as we've been exploring cities and hotels to find the best home for FanWorks in 2019 and beyond, but we have officially landed in Metro Detroit for August 2019. We're excited about our new con home, and we think you will be too!

The hotel has two floors of meeting space, all of which will be ours for the weekend. The hotel rooms are extremely nice and recently upgraded, the hotel is beautiful and spacious with a five-story atrium lobby, and the hotel staff is very excited to have us. (And don't get me started on all the cool stuff we'll be able to do there - get ready to decorate your hotel room doors with all your fandoms, because that's totally a thing we're doing.)

With all that space, we're going to be able to have five simultaneous panel tracks: Video, Writing, Audio, Digital & 2D Arts, and Material Arts. We'll have a dedicated vidshow room, a podfic & podcast recording room, a con suite, and spaces for gaming, galleries, and quiet reading. At night, the panel rooms will combine into ballroom space for events: on Friday, a Night Market to buy (and sell!) fan arts and wares; on Saturday, a three-hour vid dance party. 

It's going to be very cool, and we hope you can be there! Registration opens in 2019, so in the meantime, watch for updates here on Dreamwidth or on Twitter and Tumblr.
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Now that we've given the con announcement a day to settle, here's a snapshot of where con planning is so far:

Update #1: Where and when, staff list, accessibility, and programming! )

That's it for our first con update! We'll be putting out more updates like these periodically as con planning progresses; if you want to follow along, you can subscribe to our mailing list or Dreamwidth, or follow us on twitter or tumblr.
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FanWorks is a new con that will begin in 2019. It will be dedicated to various forms of fannish craft, including (but not limited to) fanfic, fanvids, fanart, and podfic, and is under development by Trelkez, sweetestdrain, and AbsoluteDestiny.

There will be individual programming tracks for fanfic & podfic, fanvids, and fanart. Panel programming will focus on craft, and will be a mix of technical panels/presentations (how to achieve a video effect, how write a certain kind of scene, how to make certain kinds of cosplay outfits, all the various things we love to make and do) and topical discussion panels related to different fan crafts. The fanvid programming track will have both panels and vidshows, including a show of premiering vids. All vidshows will be available to stream online (with viewer-optional subtitles) for attending and supporting members.

Planned features of the con include:

-- the FanWorks Night Market, an evening event with artist vendor tables, food and drinks
-- a vid dance party
-- a con zine
-- an on-site art gallery
-- a quiet room with a zine library and podfic available for checkout

We're excited to be starting a new project and we have many, many ideas for it based on our experiences as both con attendees and con staff, but we also want to take the time to plan carefully and thoughtfully. We want to build an accessible con that will be fun for everyone.

To that end, we'll be soliciting a lot of feedback over the coming year as we lay the groundwork. If you're a writer, artist, vidder, podficcer, cosplayer, filker, knitter; if you make gifs or do fannish infrastructure or beta read; if you just want to come to a con that celebrates fanworks in all forms – we want to know what kinds of things you want in a con.

You can subscribe to our mailing list for updates, follow us on social media, email us, or fill out our feedback form here: https://fanworkscon.com/

If you are interested in joining the staff of FanWorks, please email me at jen@fanworkscon.com and let me know! No prior con organizing experience is required (though it definitely helps); any kind of fan background is welcome if you have the time to commit and are interested in contributing. Diverse perspectives are particularly welcome.
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